Luxol HC start off on a high…



LUXOL HANDBALL CLUB’s senior men’s team started their VIDEOSLOTS MHA Cup duties with a win over the team from Hamrun. The teams studied each other for the first 8 minutes. At that point LUXOL ORTHOPAEDIC CENTRE MALTA started to open the gap with well manoeuvred attacking systems, good collaboration in defence and a couple of counter attacks. The Viola managed to control the game throughout the 60 minutes and keep the opponents at a distance. After the match, newcomer Lamine Abbad was declared player of the match. Apart from the individual performances, the team performance was great and everyone gave his input for the end result. The valuable performances from the more experienced players on the court was essential, while the match also saw the introduction of youngsters Aidan Falzon and Dylan Camilleri in the team. Marvin Mallia also made his return for the purple boys.


For full match report kindly click here.


19.10.2019 – vs Aloysians @ 1700hrs (MHA CUP)


Luxol’s Senior Men Team to make its official debut for Season 2019/20

Next weekend, the senior men’s team will be starting the official 2019/20 campaign. The boys in purple & yellow will be facing Hamrun on 12/10/2019 at 1530hrs. During the month of October, Luxol HC will also be facing Aloysians and HMS in the MHA Cup Competition. While we augur our boys the best of performances, we encourage friends, families and supporters to join them at the University Sports Hall and cheer to them.

Being Pink October month, Luxol HC would also like to raise Breast Cancer Awareness and offer a word of encouragement to all heroes battling such fight.

Luxol Training Camp

Luxol Handball Club have successfully concluded a 3-day training camp in the sister island of Gozo.

The camp included different aspects such as technical, tactical and physical training. A part from that this camp made it possible for the team to continue to gel in together and have the final preparations before the start of the MHA Cup.

This camp would have not been possible without the help of our sponsors Orthopaedic Centre Malta and AquaBabies Global Malta. We look forward for the upcoming season.

Renewal of Sponsorship

Luxol Handball Club is proud to announce that for the second year running, Aquababies Global Malta have agreed to sponsor the Club for the coming season.

Luxol will be carrying the logo of Aquababies Global Malta and the latter will be helping the Club with a financial contribuation.

Whilst thanking Aquababies Global Malta for believing once again in the Club, we promise to make our outmost in reaching our objectives.


New Collaborative Agreement with Orthopaedic Centre Malta

Luxol Handball Club is proud to have reached a deal with Orthopaedic Centre Malta.

This deal which runs until June 2020 will see Luxol Handball partner with one of the leading centres when it comes to Orthopaedics and Healthcare in Malta. While Luxol will be carrying the logo of Orthopaedic Centre Malta for the coming season, the latter will offer a helping hand in a range of services that they offer together with a financial contribution that will help the club in its aims.

Luxol Handball Club will aim to become a strategic partner for Orthopaedic Centre Malta and in the near future, will be advising all our members what kind of excellent services they can receive through Orthopaedic Centre Malta.

Summer Experiences

It has been a busy summer for two Luxol H.C members.

Daniel Tanti represented Malta in the European Beach Tour in Senec with Melita Falcons finishing 4th and now is preparing for the Beach Champions League.

Daniel was also the ladies senior national team coach at the Copper Box International Tournament. The team, led by Daniel reached the final of the tournament loosing to the German winner 28-21.

Joseph Tanti started the EHF Level 3 handball coaching course in Spain. in this 2 year experience Joseph will have the opportunity to share handball experiences with international players and coaches.

Luxol H.C are looking forward for the new season. Luxol will start their pre-season training every Monday at Luxol and Wednesday and Thursday at University.

AtoZ Electronics announces collaboration with Luxol Handball Club

Luxol Handball Club are pleased to announce that for the season 16/17 they will be collaborating with AtoZ Electronics. AtoZ Electronics is one of the leading companies in electronics in Malta, with two outlets in Attard and in Qormi (PAVI Shopping Complex). This collaboration is another milestone in the journey that Luxol Handball Club have been working on from its inception.

From all the Luxol family we would like to thank the management of AtoZ Electronics for their support. We as Luxol are motivated to keep on working as a club to invest in our future, which is the basis of our foundations. Having a strong partner like AtoZ Electronics will facilitate our mission in our quest of maintaining the strong values we have as a club and as the current Maltese Handball Champions.

Buddies Pub and Pizzeria support Luxol Handball Club.

Buddies Pub and Pizzeria of Gzira reached an agreement with Luxol Handball Club for the rights to sponsor the named club. Buddies Pub and Pizzeria decided to invest in Luxol Handball Club because there is a strong believe in the values and good practices the club holds, especially in the younger age categories. Buddies, who shares the same vision as Luxol has a family cantered atmosphere where everybody feels welcome. Buddies wishes best of success to Luxol Handball Club and hopes the men first division, boys’ U/17 and Girls’ u/15 pursue their good performances which are leading them to be at the top of the table.IMG-20160109-WA0000 IMG-20160109-WA0001

Luxol Handball Club tend their helping hand

20151230_104223Luxol Handball Club members have recently donated some books, puzzles and clothes to the Ursuline Sisters who are always looking for ways and means to support and help children in need. This is not a onetime venture and both the club and the Sisters are in talks how to develop the relation. The club hopes to see other sporting entities reaching out to those in need.

Meanwhile Luxol Handball Club would like to thank Buddies Pub and Pizzeria who is financially supporting the club throughout this season.

Handball Festival at Luxol Grounds

Last 8th December was a special day for my kids as well as for other children aged between 6 years and 15 year old.

It was about 9am when we arrived at the Luxol Grounds St. Andrews. Coach Daniel Tanti was waiting for us by the gate.  After a couple of minutes the fun began.

First some warming up. Daniel asked the kids to do some ball games, dribbling and other fun games.

Then some team building games by passing ball to each other and racing games.  In the meantime my 1 year old tried to involve himself too and was playing with them too.

Finally the long awaited handball game began.  The children were divided in 2 groups and they were taught the basic handball Rules. They also did some shootings

I must say it really was a busy morning full of activities and fun, which I am sure the kids are looking forward to the next one. Thank You for organising these Open Days.

Sandra Bonello