About Luxol Handball Club

Luxol Handball Club was founded in summer of 2008. A group of young men and women, under the guidance of Joseph Tanti were left stranded when their previous club ceased to exist. After initial brain storming of what should be done, Joseph came up with the idea of joining Luxol Sports Club. Initial contacts and meetings were done between Joseph and Luxol Sports Club and Luxol fell in love with the idea of increasing their sporting family. The final meeting between Joseph Tanti and the Luxol Sports Club administration was made in August and from then on Luxol Handball Club came into existence. This existence could not have been possible without the help of Norman Darmanin Demajo, Paul Falzon, Joseph Falzon and John Tabone.

Luxol Sports Club was chosen because of the professional attitude there is in the Luxol community and there is a reverence towards sports. At Luxol, professionalism is the ultimate goal where sport is a way of life not an option. Luxol Handball Club follows the same attitudes and professionalism but at Luxol Handball we add passion. We are passionate about our game. We are not professionals, though our attitude is, thus passion is what drives us.

In these past couple of years we developed a lot. In season 2009-2010, the men team won the K.O against La Salle and the ladies team reached the final of the same competition. Season 2010-2011 also started well with the men team winning the Super Cup against Aloysians. On the individual level, the men also had good moments with Daniel Tanti winning the Best U/19 player in 2009 and Joseph Tanti winning the Top Scorer and Best Player in 2010. The men and ladies teams also managed to attract foreign players to their fold that helped the teams improve. Ionella Barcanescu, a Romanian ex international player is helping the club in the technical and tactical aspects of the game.

Luxol’s Handball Club proudest value is that whatever place they get in the various competitions in which they participate is that they attain it through their love for the game and through the value of fair play. Luxol will always cherish the Fair Play value and will always strive to help everyone feel at home in the club.

Luxol Handball Club is working hand in hand with Marija Regina College Boys’ Secondary where Joseph Tanti does handball clinics after school hours. The school team started its participation in season 2009-2010. Another project by Luxol Handball is the help being given to Richmond Foundation. Both parties are trying to promote a healthy lifestyle for a healthy mind and the parties are sure that working together more people will be aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.