Daniel’s Diary: Cleaning Duty, Tournament and Blast from the Past

Hi all. Welcome to my 3rd week update 🙂

Last week ended with me and the other 2 Canadian goalkeepers being chosen as players of the week for the handball academy. It was quite a surprise and something I wasn’t expecting. The weekend was quite a relaxed one and very cloudy too. On Sunday we had 2 friendly games where we had 2 teams from the handball academy playing against teams from the local club of Skovbakken. We lost the games but however there was some good team play and every individual gave his best.


Monday started with breakfast and then the team I had cleaning duty. I am in Team 9 and the teams have to follow a schedule of duties which differs from kitchen duty to cleaning and hosting activities duties. This week was our cleaning duty and I had to clean the ‘bunker’/cinema area. Early morning I also had my powersport (gym) session. I had to minimize a bit my workout as I had some shoulder pain but I still had a good session. Soon after the gym I had to wash and go for an early lunch as soon after we had to travel to Ollerup for a tournament between schools to cut a bit the handball routine. After a 2+ hour trip we arrived in Ollerup school.

Ollerup 3

Although a bit isolated in the countryside, this school was aesthetically very pleasing and there was an immense amount of resources that we could use like a trampoline hall, climbing wall, etc… The first IHA students (the academy I am attending – Idraetshojskolen Aarhus) started their competitions in volleyball, hockey, football and other workshops. We had good results on the first day and soon it was time for the concert show from different schools throughout the night. There was some great talent where we had some of our teachers helping out to run the show and 2 of our students – Maja and Jakob showing off their musical talents. As the concert was over it was time to go to sleep in the big indoor hall Ollerup has. We slept on mattresses and in sleeping bags in a hall which holds 3 handball courts in it next to each other. Tuesday we continued with the games and I played some volleyball. It was fun and our school got to win the 11-a-side boys competition, 5-a-side girls competition and dominate the hockey tournament with 1st, 3rd and 4th place and only being so close and unlucky not to get all the podium. After the awards presentation we headed back to Aarhus where everyone was exhausted.

Orchestra Aarhus

Wednesday after cleaning duty, started again with gym session and I could do my work out to the full cause my shoulder was rested well in the previous 2 days. Then I had usual routine lessons where I continued to try and learn Danish and learn more about Danish culture. In night we had a 1 hour concert by 2 musicians which was really nice and we could listen to very good music. Thursday morning was the 1st session of handball for the week after Ollerup experience. Everyone was up for it and had a good session after the break we had in Ollerup. I also had Danish Team Coach Class and went to help a German student from school – Jan Lucas with a session he had to do for a class of 15 year olds that came from an outside school for a couple of days to witness the sports high school experience. In the evening, after dinner I had to go for Skovbakken’s training. It was a good training session and I got to know some of the guys more.

Friday is Game day and we had the weekly in-house tournament that we do between us academy students. After we went to the town centre for our cultural time where we got to here to the Aarhus symphonic Orchestra. It was good time and it was followed by an amazing dinner too. Later on today I will go to see the local ladies team – SK Aarhus play against China’s National Team as preparation for the local side’s league game tomorrow. This weekend looks to be quite full with lots of games that we can go to watch for free but you’ll know more about this next week.

Lastly I didn’t want you to miss this. I just encountered some term photos from the past years and guess what I encountered?! This is Joe back in 2003/04 for those who didn’t remember him in those times.I just want to send my regards to all and be sure that your comments, messages and other nice words you send are always appreciated. I want to wish you all the best and that you have a nice week.


Take care & Best Regards

Dani #12

Handball News from Europe

The main round of the EHF Women Champions League has finally started with the first round of the games being played last weekend. The usual suspects won their encounters with certain ease and seem that they will not find any real opposition till they start meeting each other.

Hungarians Gyor beat Hypo Niederosterreich with a comfortable 41-22 and lead group A. The leaders of group B Budocnost had no problem against Lublin but FC Midtylland showed their mettle by beating FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria. After a 36-28 victory Krim Mercator showed they are the real threat from group C while Larvik won HC Podravka Vegeta by a margin of 16 goals in group D. The only real worry happened to Larvik who lost their star 38 year old keeper Cecilie Leganger due to an Achilles injury. She needs at least 18 weeks on the side lines but should be in time for the next round. Leganger will be replaced by the other veteran keeper 45 year old Lene Rantala.

Pic 2

National teams are finalising their preparations for the Men EHF Euro 2014. In the end of October Denmark, France, Croatia and Norway will meet in the Golden League to sharpen their work ahead of the competition in Denmark. The group stages of the European competition will be held in four major cities in Denmark, mainly Copenhagen, Arhus, Herning and Aalborg. The competition is expected to have few surprises but one must pay attention to a very hard fought group C in Aarhus with Serbia, France, Poland and Russia.

On a local note, our senior teams started their MHA Cup schedule on a negative note. The men faced Phoenix and drew a low scoring 17-17 game. Phoenix’s keeper had a very good performance and our players’ shots could not go through him. Our own keeper Daniel Gauci had a very good game, together with Imed Ben Moussa whose tally of goals kept us in the game all the time and Aidan Tanti was instrumental to have scored the final goal in the last ten seconds of the game.

The ladies’ team was the negative protagonists of a 12-11 loss against a very determined Kavallieri team. The loss though not expected can be accepted but the performance has been below the standard our girls can show and that is the thing that hurts the most. The result of the ladies’ team will not undermine the work by the club and the team itself and the club is sure that the ladies will show resilience in the coming matches.

Daniel’s Diary: Settling In Denmark

So here is the round up of my 2nd week in Denmark.

I must say that I am adapting to the routine and I am settling in well with the mates here attending the sports high school. The weekend started at around 1400hrs where we have what is called the Go Weekend or Cultural Friday assembly. It was quite a nice assembly and we are always singing songs here in these assemblies both in Danish and English so when I’ll be back I’ll start singing for you ( Believe me you wouldn’t want it 😛 ) Anyways in the night there is a kind of in-house party and it was a superhero theme and so those who wanted could have worn costumes. Obviously being my first week I didn’t have anything prepared and I did like half of the people and just went there wearing as smart man 😛

Anyways Saturday soon rolled on and though being relaxed it also offered me some new amazing handball experience. In the afternoon some of us in the handball academy went to see SK Aarhus, a ladies team in the women’s elite division in Denmark. The level was very high and SK Aarhus dominated the game. This team is also coached by one of our academy coaches, Jesper Holmris, so it was nice to see him on the bench from an outside point of view. Also in this game a Hungarian player, Ramona Szabo featured. She used to be an academy student when Joseph was in Denmark so it was kind of an inspiration for me that here I can learn a lot. In the evening we also played some fun mini handball which I believe is a very fun and physical demanding game. Sunday was also quite relaxed and we had an individual technique handball session by 2 students who are developing their coaching skills here in the academy and then I joined the Canadians and 2 of the Japanese guys in a lunch in downtown Aarhus and then it was followed by a small visit to a bar where we celebrated Janel Rogiani’s (Canadian girl) birthday.


The week soon started and obviously it was again hard work. During the week I had a test in the gym where I had to see the maximum weights I lift for different body parts. Now I also got my program and I can work on the physical aspect apart from the goalkeeper aspect. The week followed on with the normal 4 handball sessions and other classes such as the Danish Team Coaching Class and the Danish Language Lessons apart from the assemblies and other activities we have. Also this week I had a trial in a 2nd division club, Skovbakken where I trained with them both Tuesday and Thursday so we will see how I faired with them. On a positive note also, internet connection seems to have gotten better at least in the common area and I am very happy that most of you wrote to me and sorry if I sometimes reply late.

I wish you all the best for this weekend’s games and I am sure you will all do well. Just keep fighting till the end no matter what and keep believing in yourself and in your teammates. Hope I will receive some positive messages and feedback from your performances. I will be supporting you from here and I will be wearing the polo shirt you gave me for support


Wish you all the best, loads of affection and best regards to all of you and your families…

Kom nu Luxol !! ——>   Come on Luxol !!

Dani #12

Daniel Tanti Starts a New Experience in Denmark

It has been hard to bid farewell to one of the players who has honoured our colours so passionately and who had become one of the top representatives of our club. Daniel was not only a good player for our Men 1st Division Team but was also proving himself in developing our young talents. While we wish Daniel the best in his new experience we know we will be getting back a more complete player who will take us to new heights. Daniel started following the game of handball with interest in 2003 when he used to go for the training sessions with Depiro Handball Club and a year later he joined the U/17 boys of Salesians. Daniel started as a player but when the team found themselves without a keeper, he was tried in post by his brother Joseph who was coaching him and from that day on Daniel stuck to this role.

When Salesians became D6, Daniel was still playing in the junior teams but at age 15 he found himself playing with the senior team. With D6 ceding to exist, Luxol was formed and Daniel followed his brothers to the St. Andrews team. With Luxol Daniel played in the then Promotion League and the Senior team. In 2009-2010 Daniel won the Best Male Player in the Promotion League and in the next three seasons, he won the Best Player Award for the 1st Division League. It was the first time that a player has won this title for three consecutive years. In 2011 Daniel had a trial with Bundesliga outfit BHC 06. The German team was interested to sign Daniel but the deal fell short for personal reasons. The German team helped Daniel to stay in Germany to monitor him but it was deemed that time and opportunities were not good enough for such a move. Now Daniel has the opportunity to improve his skills in Denamrk at Arhus Sports High School.

The coaches at the school had long been paving way for Daniel to go and it was deemed that this time round, it was good to go and try new ventures. In Denmark Daniel has already attracted lots of interest and he will be having various trials for Elite Clubs. In the coming days he will be having a trial with Skovbakken Aarhus who play in the second division Danish league. Skovbakken are aiming to go back to the first division and they are investing to have a good future of which we hope Daniel will make part of.

We wish Daniel all the best and we hope that he achieves the goals and aims he has set for his future.

Daniel’s Diary: First few days in Denmark

So…. Here is a roundup of what has happened in the first few days of my experience. The trip to Denmark was quite a long journey and after arriving at Billund Airport, I had to walk for 45 minutes to get to a bus stop at midnight where I had to wait for 4 hours. However, on the way to the bus stop I immediately met some stuff that brought me memories of people in Malta. First thing I saw was Legoland which I know would bring some nice memories to the ladies that visited Denmark before.


The bus ride to the Aarhus where the academy is located took 2 hours. The people of the academy were very welcoming and I immediately felt like I was part of the family. I had 3 handball training sessions till now and 1 gym session in the mornings and in the afternoons I had Danish Team Coaching Class and Danish Language Lessons…. From next week I will start my new routine where I will have more gym sessions and 4 handball training sessions weekly. Next week also I should be starting training with a local club so I can also increase my handball sessions.


The other students here are fantastic although in the first few days I found it a bit difficult to integrate, since most of them were friends already however they were very welcoming and I already feel at ease with them.

Obviously I took all my special people with me to keep you in my heart and on my special board as you can see in the following picture.


I wish you all the very best of luck for the next games and no matter what keep fighting till the end. Sending lots of affection from Denmark.

I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you too.

Daniel #12

Surprising Results in the Men’s Champions League Group Phase

In the first round of the Men’s Champions League the biggest surprise was the result Vardar Skopje managed to obtain against a more quoted Barcellona side. Skopje managed a 29-29 result against those who are the clear favourites to lift the trophy. This result should not obstruct the path of Barcellona but will definitely help them focus no opponent will let them have an unchallenged game. The result of the Barcellona game is not the only surprising result there was. PSG also had a tough game against Dinamo Minsk on French soil. The 34-31 result did not game after a plain sailing game but the French team had to sweat hard for it. All the results but one from this first outing was more than five goals. Last year’s winners HSV Hamburg, brushed aside Spanish side Naturhouse La Rioja with a nine goal margin. The German side was in control all the time and although it will be hard to maintain the trophy at the club, the start was an indication they will surely give it their best shot to lift the trophy for the second year running.


On another note, last Saturday saw the start of the Malta Handball Association season. If the day shows you how it will be from the morning, then we will surely have a great handball season. La Salle won both games. In the ladies’ game there was a strong start from La Salle but Aloysians managed to catch up after a shaky start. By the end of the first half La Salle were leading by two goals. Although Aloysians worked hard to go in front, La Salle were good to keep them at bay and finished the game with a 20-16 score. In the men game, our boys offered a great opposition to a La Salle side which was more quoted for the win. No one believed Luxol could offer such an opposition with Spanish player Carlos missing but after leading for most of the game, Luxol’s 3 goal margin loss seems a bit harsh. Luxol put a great show but some technical faults and tactical inexperience proved too much a price to pay. Well done goes to La Salle who were good through the game and took the opportunity when it came to take control of the game.

Well done also go to both sets of supporters, especially to the Luxol supporters who were an inspiration to our men to put on a good show. It was also a deserved farewell to Daniel Tanti who will continue to play the game in Denmark where he will continue to further his talents. Luxol HC wishes Daniel all the best.


Super Cup Final

Next Saturday at 16:00 at the University Sports Hall our men’s team will be challenging their counterparts from La Salle for the Super Cup. The game will be a remake of last season’s K.O final. La Salle booked a place in the final after having won the league while Luxol will have a chance to lift the trophy after ending as runners up in last season’s K.O. The Luxol family is invited to come and support the team and give a big farewell to Daniel Tanti who will be having his last game with the club for now to pursue new challenges in Denmark. The support showed last year by our supporters made sure the team could challenge for the runner up place for both the league and the K.O and it is a great push for the team. From these pages we also want to urge both sets of supporters and teams to create the great atmosphere seen in last season’s K.O as it is great publicity for the local game. Luxol face a tough challenge from a well organised La Salle team. La Salle’s technical baggage is also better than what our boys can offer right now but our boys vow to fight till the end and that is why all the support offered will give strength to our players.

This is what will make the day a day to remember. A team who is less quoted pushed by a great support giving his all to beat a stronger team.

See you on Saturday 21st September at University

Good Work Pays

Last Saturday, Luxol Handball Club held its annual presentation at Luxol Sports Bar. There was a fantastic atmosphere with a mixture of familiar and new faces mixing together to create a family atmosphere that distinguishes our club. The BBQ organised for our handball community by the Luxol Sports Bar was a well organised celebration thanks to the strong foundation that unites the individual sporting families at Luxol Sports Club. The peak of the evening arrived when the individuals and teams that excelled during the past season were presented with their trophies.

First the players who formed part of our junior boys and girls teams were awarded for their commitment during training and games and for their perseverance during games. The ladies were presented the runners up medals in the MHA Cup and the 2nd division league and the men were presented the medals for their runner up place in the K.O. After the teams’ presentation, the club presented the trophies for the individual achievements. I must point out that while the club was awarding the individual, this could have never been achieved without the hard work and support from all the individuals that form the respective teams.

The individual awards went to:

Bernice Camilleri: Junior Girls for the dedication shown during season 2012-2013

Nathan Bonello: Junior Boys for the dedication shown during season 2012-2013

Daniela Cauchi: Constant improvement during season 2012-2013

Luke Pelicano: Constant improvement during season 2012-2013

Ryan Sciortino: Top Scorer in the 2nd division

Ryan Aquilina: Best player in the boys’ U/15 and U/17 categories

Josianne Attard: Best player in the U/17 girls and 2nd division league

Daniel Gauci: Best player in the Men 2nd division

Daniela Cumbo: Best player in the Ladies 1st division

Daniel Tanti: Best player in the Men 1st division

The following members were awarded for their efforts in helping the club improve in different fields and through innovative ways.

Raymond Mifsud was awarded for his support and help in hospitality to our foreign members.

Daniela Cumbo’s creative ideas in uniting the club members were awarded because she went out of her way to improve on the good aspects the club has already.

Ionella Barcanescu was awarded for her constant believe in the men team and because her guidance helped the team reach the K.O and challenge for high positions last season.

Stephen Cilia was awarded for his good work in coaching the junior girls’ teams.

The presentation was led by Glenn Mifsud whose innovative ideas are giving a different perspective to the club.

The night was concluded by two great surprises for the club members. Romanian Daniela Badea was presented as a new signing within the ladies 1st division team. Personal contact has long been achieved between Ms. Badea and Joseph Tanti but the club waited for what is believed to be the right moment to sign the player. Ms. Badea will bring a new flair to a team who showed great improvement last year.

Dana PresentedDaniel Tanti’s new adventure in Denmark was also made official. At a young age of 22 Daniel has already been Malta’s best 1st division player for the past three seasons, a feat never achieved before and after a number of years being monitored by Idraetshojskolen Aarhus, the parts involved think the time is right for this new step for our keeper. The Danish institution will find an elite club for Daniel to continue his improvement in the Scandinavian country. Daniel will not leave an indifferent void in the club but Daniel Gauci’s talents will surely help the men’s team continue on their improvement. The club would like to show all his appreciation and support towards Daniel Tanti and wishes him successful years in Denmark. Luxol Handball Club would like to thank Daniel Tanti for the honour and support he has brought to the club.

Malta’s Handball Community Gearing up for New Season

Many seasons around Europe have started and our focus has recently been on the start of the EHF Champions league and the Super Cups from other European countries. With ten days for our own league to start we give a roundup of what we expect from the season 2013-2014.

Custom obliges that the season starts with the Super Cup finals. On 21st September Aloysians and La Salle will face each other in the Ladies final at University sports hall at 14:00 while our own boys will face La Salle at 16:00 in the Men final. This final will be a repeat of last season’s K.O final which La Salle won by two goals in the dying minutes of the game. Luxol will give their utmost to make good for the K.O final in the Super Cup and although they might start with a slight disadvantage, their hopes are high for a good result.

For the good of handball one augurs that the season would be a balanced affair like the previous one. La Salle have a balanced team with young talent coming up and experienced players who will help them make the transaction to the senior league easier. The foreigners in their fold will surely help their quest in keeping the title. Kavallieri would be the second strongest force in the league as their young players are learning fast and the foreigners they have in the team have helped the Maltese talent raise their level while they were able to solve problematic situations the team was facing. Aloysians are restructuring their team and the return of Philip Mifsud will surely help. They are focusing on their young players and they are a very disciplined team. The mentality of Phoenix’s Danish coach has been translated in speed and sheer power in their game and HMS will surely mirror their close ties with La Salle with the passing of local and foreign players, thus one expects a great fight in all games from them.

The ladies league will be closer this season. La Salle are surely the favourites for the major titles. They have strengthened their team with some new foreigners and the return of Steph Desjardins. Aloysians will not make the same mistakes like last year and will fight out hard to deny their arch rivals from winning the league. Phoenix will give more time to their talent and might be a surprise this season.


Pic 1

Where does this leave our teams? Starting from the younger categories we have to continue in the formation of our young talent who do quite well in their category. The strong ties we have with the boys’ school in Mosta and the girls’ school in Santa Lucija will continue. Our young ones must be patient and keep working hard like they did in the past years and keep the results in perspective.  Luxol is still keeping the second division for developing their players and are not looking to win the second division league but like other years the club pretends the players give their utmost every game. The Men team will try to win the Super Cup. It is hard but a final is a one game that can go on both sides. The league is a bit of incognito but we vow to fight for every point. The ladies first division need to believe more in the individual strength each player in the team possess and unite these individual strengths to beat the opposition. With stronger believe our ladies will put the results to their good performances and improvement showed last season.

From these pages we would like to promote the great atmosphere each club has worked to create last season but we encourage supporters to show respect towards teams, officials and the opposing supporters

Luxol Handball Club Awards Night

Luxol Handball Club is proud to invite you for the Awards Night next Saturday 14th September at 2000 hrs at the Luxol Sports Club Restaurant. Price will be of € 15 and will consist of  the following menu.

BBQ & Shawarma Buffet

  •  Chicken Doner
  • Beef kebabs
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Cous cous
  • Pasta salad
  • Colslaw
  • Green Salad
  • Tomato & cucumber salad
  • Pitta wedges
  • Hot sauce
  • Yoghurt dip
  • Ice Cream

If you require further assistance or need to book do not hesitate to contact Miriam or Glenn on by not later than next Wednesday. Friends and families are more than welcome and we hope to see most of you to make this another wonderful activity.


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