Will Gyor Confirm Last Year’s Success or Will Larvik Take the Cup Back?

After last week’s overview of the Men Champions League, today we will give you our thoughts of what one can expect from the ladies’ competition.

It will definitely be a hard task for Gyor to retain the cup for the second year running. They are a very good and experienced team who have been playing together for some time now. They do not buy a lot of players during the summer just a couple to strengthen their already stable squad. They depend a bit on the leadership of their long-time captain Anita Gorbitz who on the other hand seems a bit volatile and prone to injuries. Gyor confirmed their objective of retaining the cup by winning the PwC Handball Fiesta, a pre-season friendly tournament that saw other 5 participants of the Champions league taking part. Unfortunately for Gyor, Gorbitz got injured during this tournament. Gyor, placed in group A have the hardest group in the group matches with Thuringer and Hypo Niederosterrich.


Larvik of Norway who was last year’s finalists has great hunger to regain the lost title. Larvik’s team is composed mainly of the Norwegian national team who in the past years have been synonymous with success winning all the possible titles. They are in group D and should not have any difficulty to make it to the main group. Budocnost of Montenegro and FTC Cargo Hungaria are other contenders and will make it to the semi-final.

In the ladies tournament I do not see a lot of surprises although I fancy one of the Danish teams to take a spot in the semi-final. Budocnost are in group B but I see little challenge for them while FTC Cargo Hungaria has to go through the qualification tournament. They are in group 2 of the qualifications and if they pass they will be in Budocnost’s group but since two will progress I do not see it difficult for them to go through.

From these pages we would also like to say well done to Alan Grima who was the EHF delegate for the qualification tournament of the Men Champions League in Porto who saw HBM Costanta, HV Kras Volendam, Elverum and Porto.

Hamburg Progress to the Handball Champions League Group Stages

In the past week we have experienced an entertaining encounter between HSV Hamburg and Fuchse Berlin for the access to the Champions League group stages. Last season winner Hamburg finished fifth in the German league while Berlin placed one step ahead. With four places available for the German teams, Hamburg would have been out was it not for a German rule making them eligible to play in a play-off game against Berlin. The first leg was played in Berlin on Wednesday where the home team lead for all but the last 3 seconds of the game when Hamburg managed to strike an important 30-30 draw. On the return leg in Hamburg, Fuchse were once more the better team leading till the last minute. After drawing the game, Hamburg managed to win 27-26 with Adrian Pfahl’s last shot.  Hamburg will now be placed in group D with Aalborg, Valenje, Flensburg, La Rioja and the winner of the game between Esch and Halmstaad.

 FC Barcelona

It is hard to predict the winner of this edition but I think that Barcellona and Kiel will definitely reach the final 4. Both teams have a vast experience in this competition and Barcellona have been strengthened by the arrivals of Karabatic, Saubich and Lazarov. I see Vesprem as a serious contender after being strengthened by the arrivals of Momir Ilic and Carlos Ruesga. German duo Hamburg and Flensburg will fight for the last place of the final 4 in my books but one must pay attention for an unexpected surprise of heavy investors PSG.


Luxol Handball Club Summer Camp

Luxol HC is inviting boys and girls aged 10-16 who are willing to attend handball sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Maria Regina College, Secondary School, Mosta (Zokrija) from 1700 hrs till 1830 hrs to come and join the summer fun this club can offer. Other activities and events will also be set up for all the participants and we will assure that the children will have fun and learn a lot with our own Qualified Coaches. Camp starting 1st August 2013. Contact Us on 79065173 or

Luxol Handball Karaoke Night

An amazing night happened on the 12th of March. Luxol handball players left their mark at Victoria Pub, Bugibba singing all night long while socializing and competing at the same time.

The players were divided into 4 groups consisting of 4 persons.

Group one – named Harlem was made up by Luke Pellicano, Janice Pace, Shanice Cassar and Joseph Fenech.

Group two – named Ghamilli Sandwitch was made up by Daniel Tanti, Calos Alberto Yuste Izquierdo, Micheal Tanti and Daniel Cini.

Group 3 – named Girl Power made up by Dorianne Portelli, Miriam Tanti, Dorianne Lewis and Christine Grech.

Group 4 – named SpongeBob was made up by Maria Mifsud, Pierre Debatista, Daniela Cauchi and Ryan Sciortino.

Each group had to choose the theme song for the group competing against them. Then the other group had to choose a number from 1 to 20 that would identify the name of the song.

The Theme songs where 80’s songs, Love songs, Classic Songs and Party/Dance songs. For instance Harlem chooses to compete against Sponge Bob. The theme chosen by Harlem was party/ dance songs. Then Sponge Bob Team decided a number for instance 6 and they had to sing the song written on number 6.

Each group sang 3 songs + one bonus song. Besides singing the group had to do some entertainment which would give extra points. There was 1 chance for every group to change the number of a song. Only SpongeBob Team took this advantage. Eye of the Tiger, Tarzan Boy, Men I Feel Like a Women, Six Degrees of Separation and We Will Rock You where only few of the songs heard.

Every team was making an effort with dancing and trying to entertain to get the chance to increase the points. Points where given by the judge Daniela Cumbo. Almost at the end, the teams were very close with points and everything had to be decided with the Bonus Song.

Harlem sang Hallini, Ghamilli sandwitch did a wonderful job singing Sway with Carlos showing off his dancing moves, SpongeBob did an impressive performance singing Iris and Finally Girl Power sang an incredible song Xemx Wisq Sabiha that touched the heart of the judge which led them to the victory.

Trophies where given to them to honor their victory… Everyone had fun and was eager for the next one.

Handball and The Psychological Challenge

The ladies first and second division team have shown consistency through all the season and our good individual players are becoming a team. The second place in the MHA Cup did not come by chance and the hopes for the second division to challenge for the title are still alive.

The men first division team is still a serious contender for the league, although Kavallieri and La Salle are clearly the favourites to bag the honours. The second division team alternate very good times with tired periods during the games but the players are gaining valuable experience.

Team Luxol

The younger categories for both boys and girls have been putting a brave challenge to everyone although results have lacked. The lack of results has not disheartened our young players, who have been dedicated all throughout the season.

Without being biased, the input given by Ionella, Carlos and Glenn in the games have made us better. Steve Cilia is an assurance with our young girls.

Amidst all the competitive challenges, the club also managed to overcome other challenges. There has been an increase in the number of our members and the players from different categories have been uniting more and more creating a lovely atmosphere for the playing team. The challenge of becoming a club rather than individual teams is being overcome as well.

We have also overcome unfair challenge from various entities and kept going on our way of challenging by being fair. Mistakes have been made from our players and we are paying dearly for them but hopefully we learn from these mistakes.

There is only one challenge we still need to overcome. The Psychological Challenge. It seems that our past experiences are still haunting us and when we are so close to the win we get frightened and we end up loosing. This must be overcome like all other challenges.

Officials make mistakes, sometimes mistakes that cost us games but we must overcome them too. Officials do not prevent us from scoring so we must take the responsibility to overcome this too.

There has been a good improvement this season. An improvement we have been working hard to achieve. Our aim is perfection. It is hard to reach, not to say impossible but that must be our ultimate goal, this is for what we have to work. The committee will continue to strive hard for the club as we know the players will strive harder to become better.

Together we will make it.

Christmas Greeting from Luxol Handball Club

Luxol Handball Club would like to wish all the members and their families a wonderful festive season. Thanks for your continuous support.

Luxol Xmas

Luxol Sports Club coaches on a training experience to improve their training skills

Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Quality Commitment Training Placements

Basketball & Handball Coaches Innovation
Exchange Trip 2012 – Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Project

Luxol Sports Club Coaches from the Basketball and Handball division have participated in a development programme intended to improve their skills, thus once more an exchange in networking links with the Scottish Authorities. This visit took place in August 2012 with the participation of 6 basketball and 4 handball coaches who visited Cumbernauld College in Scotland as part of a Leonardo da Vinci Lifelong Learning Programme in order to maintain the Club’s policy of continued professional development that develops coaching techniques.

Lifelong Learning Program

The Basketball Coaches visited Giffnock at St. Ninian’s High School and Gryffe High School and participated in a mixture of sessions ranging from U/16 to U/18 Men’s coaching sessions as well as Senior Women and Senior Men Coaching sessions. The coaches had the opportunity to attend a Course at the National Coaching Clinic at Forthbank Stadium in Stirling. This had the interesting topics that combined basketball in general, varying from wheelchair basketball, a discussion on nutrition and a workshop on nutrition facilities, the requirements for basketball players and the journey of the female basketballer. Apart from sharing experiences their subjects touched the topics of the methods and mentality in basketball, dribbling techniques, intensity and implementation, how to identify talent in sports, development of skills and interpretation of rules amongst others.

As part of their visit the Handball Coaches visited Abronhill High School in Cumbernauld and Inveralmond CHS in Livingston. Their training focused on the techniques and tactics of handball, methods of coaching, passing and shooting skills as well as goal keeping exercises and game situations. Their workshops and studies developed on physical exercises for young children and the relationship between child and coach, where together they worked in practical sessions and demonstrations on game situations were coaching diversity and methodology were emphasised.

This visit provided the coaches with the opportunity to learn different coaching styles, work on player development and social management techniques and was of great benefit to both countries. This type of partnership provides a great learning curve for players and coaches to experience new training and coaching methods that can be passed on for the development of others in their field. Luxol Sports Club Coaches have used the exchange to further develop their sports life coaching skills and techniques for a multi-sports programme. The one week pro

ject was aimed to support the participants to engage in an exchange within a full time professional environment that challenges them both physically and mentally while working in a world class facility with world class specialists.

The Leonardo da Vinci Programme supports development skills and training and is part of the Lifelong Learning Programme funded by the European Commission.

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Luxol Handball Club sign Spanish Player

In Spain Carlos was a player coach for Retamar during last season. He also played for Manzanares in the Spanish third league and forms part of the Spanish coaching staff. Carlos is a national selector for the U/18 men.

En España Carlos era un entrenador de jugadores de Retamar durante la temporada pasada. También jugó para Manzanares en el tercio liga española y forma parte del cuerpo técnico español. Carlos es un seleccionador nacional de las Damas Sub 18, hombres.

Juega Balonmano en Malta

Luxol Signs Spanish Player