Our boys’ U/17 start the league with a credible win

On Sunday the U/17 started their commitments with a very good win against Swieqi Phoenix. Luxol had a good start but could not manage to get detached from Phoenix who were managing to fight back goal with goal. The second half saw Luxol pay more attention in defence and with good disciplined running managed to strike well with fast transitions, making it seem an easy win. The team showed some good handball but being more consistent will help to have nicer games, though the 24-12 result made this game seem an easy one.

The game our ladies 2nd division had was a bit disappointing with some of the girls available and those who made it to the game had a tough game. With a disappointing end result, one should look at the performance and with two players less for most of the first half, the 9-0 result was a respectable one, thanks also to our keeper Josianne Attard. The end result of 21-4 was the result of our tired players.

Different fortunes were reserved to our 1st division men team, who against an always resilient Swieqi Phoenix, managed to control throughout the whole game. One must not be totally satisfied with the end result, considering that at times the team was up with 8 goals and lack of concentration helped Swieqi into the game for a result of 30-27.