Daniel Tanti Starts a New Experience in Denmark

It has been hard to bid farewell to one of the players who has honoured our colours so passionately and who had become one of the top representatives of our club. Daniel was not only a good player for our Men 1st Division Team but was also proving himself in developing our young talents. While we wish Daniel the best in his new experience we know we will be getting back a more complete player who will take us to new heights. Daniel started following the game of handball with interest in 2003 when he used to go for the training sessions with Depiro Handball Club and a year later he joined the U/17 boys of Salesians. Daniel started as a player but when the team found themselves without a keeper, he was tried in post by his brother Joseph who was coaching him and from that day on Daniel stuck to this role.

When Salesians became D6, Daniel was still playing in the junior teams but at age 15 he found himself playing with the senior team. With D6 ceding to exist, Luxol was formed and Daniel followed his brothers to the St. Andrews team. With Luxol Daniel played in the then Promotion League and the Senior team. In 2009-2010 Daniel won the Best Male Player in the Promotion League and in the next three seasons, he won the Best Player Award for the 1st Division League. It was the first time that a player has won this title for three consecutive years. In 2011 Daniel had a trial with Bundesliga outfit BHC 06. The German team was interested to sign Daniel but the deal fell short for personal reasons. The German team helped Daniel to stay in Germany to monitor him but it was deemed that time and opportunities were not good enough for such a move. Now Daniel has the opportunity to improve his skills in Denamrk at Arhus Sports High School.

The coaches at the school had long been paving way for Daniel to go and it was deemed that this time round, it was good to go and try new ventures. In Denmark Daniel has already attracted lots of interest and he will be having various trials for Elite Clubs. In the coming days he will be having a trial with Skovbakken Aarhus who play in the second division Danish league. Skovbakken are aiming to go back to the first division and they are investing to have a good future of which we hope Daniel will make part of.

We wish Daniel all the best and we hope that he achieves the goals and aims he has set for his future.