Daniel’s Diary: Holidays in Malta and Back to Handball

Hi all,
It has been long time since my last write-up. Spending the holidays in Malta was fun and refreshing. Having a hot climate and some slight rain was relaxing. However, the holidays were not just this. I managed to make up and meet most of the people that I couldn’t see in the past 2 months. Seeing family, friends, my Luxol family and the Maltese handball community was nice and I could catch up with some things that I had missed.
Now that I am back here in the freezing cold days in Denmark I started again with the routine I had finished 1 month ago. Although I had trained a bit with my Luxol brothers and sisters, it was still bit hard to remove the rust after 1 month almost of holidays. However, I immediately started on the right step where the enthusiasm and level shown in the first week in the handball academy here in Denmark were great. This term almost all the Canadians have left back to Canada but there is still a lot of high level players that remained such as the Japanese, the British and 2 other Canadians. Apart from that the academy has been spiced up with some local Danish talent where we also have a U21 Icelnadic player and a 1st Division Danish player joining the academy. This is a huge boost for me and am willing to test myself to some of the upcoming foreign talent.
This year I am also in Team 5 in the general school teams and here we got a nice group that is making the general school atmosphere good. I also started training with my Danish club here, Skovbakken. I am really looking forward to start playing again here as I miss the playing minutes after a month’s stop.
Finally, this term also started on a positive note due to the European Championships here in Denmark. As a former handball academy student in the last term, I was invited with other student to volunteer as part of the statistic team where we are taking elaborate statistics of all the matches taking place in Aarhus, NrGI Arena. We are lucky cause we get to stay in the best seats in the arena and all our work is recorded on online team sheets and used by journalists and live on TV so it is sometimes also stressful not to make an error. However, also because of this we manage to meet a lot of world class players that are playing in Group C i.e. France, Serbia, Russia, Poland which will now be joined by another 3 teams who passed for the main round from the Spanish group. As you can see I managed some signatures and photos with some of the best players.
Anyway, wish you all the best for this new year that has started and hope that sooner rather than later, we shall meet agian.
Regards and all the best,
Dani #12
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