Daniel’s Diary: Laser Tag, Ice Hockey and Handball

Hi all, 

Hope you had a fantastic week 🙂 Over here this week was a different one since a lot of guys went to La Santa, Spain on a sports holiday there. However, over here we still had a nice programme. Well as you well aware of in my last blog this week we had a friendly against a school team here in Aarhus. We lost the game but we put in a very good performance against a side which had an Under 19 world champion, a danish liga player for Skanderborg and some youngsters from the liga team of Aarhus Handball. 


On Wednesday we had a cultural run where we ran for 5.5km with many intervals to learn and see some of the historical and cultural places in Aarhus. It was a nice run and we got to know more this city’s history though on  a personal note it is nothing to compare with our island’s culture and I bet that Valletta in 2018 will be a better capital of culture for Europe than Aarhus will be in 2017. Also this week apart from handball training, we had fitness and agility training where we had a hard and though workout doing both cross-fit and circuit training.

This week we also had fun playing laser tag and trying ice-skating and ice hockey. The 1st activity i.e. laser tag was quite good and our team managed a respectful 3rd place from 6 teams. However, I didn’t have the same fortune on ice. It was the 1st time for me and so I had quite difficult time. On the other hand it seemed that the Canadians had learnt how to skate even before knowing how to walk. They were rocking the arena and when it came to hockey (or as they say: haaackey) well they were outstanding. I had a couple of falls but we were given nice hockey wear and this made it less hurtful. Right now my mobile has broke down so I had to lend some photos and maybe soon I can also bring you a video 🙂
On Wednesday, we prepared some games for children who are physically and mentally impaired that would join us on Thursday. When these children game they found an oasis of activities waiting for them and they spent 5 hours at the school of absolute fun. It was nice to see all the happy and smiling faces of these children and reminded that the true value of sport is to bring differences together and unite.
On Friday I had a match with Skovbakken and after the match the school mates from La Santa returned to the school sharing with us there experiences. We also exchanged our experiences and the night chilled out. On Saturday, I had another game with Skovbakken which unfortunately we lost but I felt I did well. On Sunday the plans are a visit to the town centre as I have a full free day.
Hope all of you are ok and that you are having a good time back on the rock.
Wish you all the best and take care 🙂
Dani #12

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