Daniel’s Diary: Settling In Denmark

So here is the round up of my 2nd week in Denmark.

I must say that I am adapting to the routine and I am settling in well with the mates here attending the sports high school. The weekend started at around 1400hrs where we have what is called the Go Weekend or Cultural Friday assembly. It was quite a nice assembly and we are always singing songs here in these assemblies both in Danish and English so when I’ll be back I’ll start singing for you ( Believe me you wouldn’t want it 😛 ) Anyways in the night there is a kind of in-house party and it was a superhero theme and so those who wanted could have worn costumes. Obviously being my first week I didn’t have anything prepared and I did like half of the people and just went there wearing as smart man 😛

Anyways Saturday soon rolled on and though being relaxed it also offered me some new amazing handball experience. In the afternoon some of us in the handball academy went to see SK Aarhus, a ladies team in the women’s elite division in Denmark. The level was very high and SK Aarhus dominated the game. This team is also coached by one of our academy coaches, Jesper Holmris, so it was nice to see him on the bench from an outside point of view. Also in this game a Hungarian player, Ramona Szabo featured. She used to be an academy student when Joseph was in Denmark so it was kind of an inspiration for me that here I can learn a lot. In the evening we also played some fun mini handball which I believe is a very fun and physical demanding game. Sunday was also quite relaxed and we had an individual technique handball session by 2 students who are developing their coaching skills here in the academy and then I joined the Canadians and 2 of the Japanese guys in a lunch in downtown Aarhus and then it was followed by a small visit to a bar where we celebrated Janel Rogiani’s (Canadian girl) birthday.


The week soon started and obviously it was again hard work. During the week I had a test in the gym where I had to see the maximum weights I lift for different body parts. Now I also got my program and I can work on the physical aspect apart from the goalkeeper aspect. The week followed on with the normal 4 handball sessions and other classes such as the Danish Team Coaching Class and the Danish Language Lessons apart from the assemblies and other activities we have. Also this week I had a trial in a 2nd division club, Skovbakken where I trained with them both Tuesday and Thursday so we will see how I faired with them. On a positive note also, internet connection seems to have gotten better at least in the common area and I am very happy that most of you wrote to me and sorry if I sometimes reply late.

I wish you all the best for this weekend’s games and I am sure you will all do well. Just keep fighting till the end no matter what and keep believing in yourself and in your teammates. Hope I will receive some positive messages and feedback from your performances. I will be supporting you from here and I will be wearing the polo shirt you gave me for support


Wish you all the best, loads of affection and best regards to all of you and your families…

Kom nu Luxol !! ——>   Come on Luxol !!

Dani #12