A deserved win for the ladies team

After 2 credible outings our ladies team registered the first win of the season. It was a win based on tactical discipline where our 6/0 defence backed by a good performance by Josianne Attard made it look easier than it really was. Phoenix tried hard to penetrate our defence but our girls were very close in defence, making it easy to go on fast transitions and strike when Phoenix defence was unbalanced. After dominating the first half with a score of 13-1, our girls relaxed a bit missing some easy shots in the second half and a good performance by Daniela Mifsud helped Phoenix get a more respectable result, though Luxol ended up winners with a score of 19-7.

On Saturday our men had a good performance against La Salle and though our men lost 29-23 the team never gave up and for most of the game was close to its opponents. This should augur well for the coming games and one hopes that when the league starts, the men would be a more threatening side against the more powerful teams.

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