First Win for Luxol Men

The curtain over the MHA cup has been drawn last weekend with different fortunes for our teams. The men won against a resilient HMS team. Our boys suffered the opponent’s tenacity and audacity to take the game in hand and thus Luxol were not comfortable not being able to take off HMS from their backs. While Luxol managed to create good chances, they were always finding it hard to overcome the last hurdle and score. Although the result meant a win for the boys in purple, one expects better from Luxol, though the win felt good as it will surely give the team a boost for the upcoming league.


Our girls managed to end their MHA cup commitments with a credible performance against La Salle. The girls showed some good defence but La Salle managed to make the best of stolen balls to take an advantage with good counter attacks. If it had not been for the mistakes in attack, one can be satisfied with the attacking performance of our team. One must give credit to our girls who till the end kept fighting hard to get a respectable result from this game.

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