Good Work Pays

Last Saturday, Luxol Handball Club held its annual presentation at Luxol Sports Bar. There was a fantastic atmosphere with a mixture of familiar and new faces mixing together to create a family atmosphere that distinguishes our club. The BBQ organised for our handball community by the Luxol Sports Bar was a well organised celebration thanks to the strong foundation that unites the individual sporting families at Luxol Sports Club. The peak of the evening arrived when the individuals and teams that excelled during the past season were presented with their trophies.

First the players who formed part of our junior boys and girls teams were awarded for their commitment during training and games and for their perseverance during games. The ladies were presented the runners up medals in the MHA Cup and the 2nd division league and the men were presented the medals for their runner up place in the K.O. After the teams’ presentation, the club presented the trophies for the individual achievements. I must point out that while the club was awarding the individual, this could have never been achieved without the hard work and support from all the individuals that form the respective teams.

The individual awards went to:

Bernice Camilleri: Junior Girls for the dedication shown during season 2012-2013

Nathan Bonello: Junior Boys for the dedication shown during season 2012-2013

Daniela Cauchi: Constant improvement during season 2012-2013

Luke Pelicano: Constant improvement during season 2012-2013

Ryan Sciortino: Top Scorer in the 2nd division

Ryan Aquilina: Best player in the boys’ U/15 and U/17 categories

Josianne Attard: Best player in the U/17 girls and 2nd division league

Daniel Gauci: Best player in the Men 2nd division

Daniela Cumbo: Best player in the Ladies 1st division

Daniel Tanti: Best player in the Men 1st division

The following members were awarded for their efforts in helping the club improve in different fields and through innovative ways.

Raymond Mifsud was awarded for his support and help in hospitality to our foreign members.

Daniela Cumbo’s creative ideas in uniting the club members were awarded because she went out of her way to improve on the good aspects the club has already.

Ionella Barcanescu was awarded for her constant believe in the men team and because her guidance helped the team reach the K.O and challenge for high positions last season.

Stephen Cilia was awarded for his good work in coaching the junior girls’ teams.

The presentation was led by Glenn Mifsud whose innovative ideas are giving a different perspective to the club.

The night was concluded by two great surprises for the club members. Romanian Daniela Badea was presented as a new signing within the ladies 1st division team. Personal contact has long been achieved between Ms. Badea and Joseph Tanti but the club waited for what is believed to be the right moment to sign the player. Ms. Badea will bring a new flair to a team who showed great improvement last year.

Dana PresentedDaniel Tanti’s new adventure in Denmark was also made official. At a young age of 22 Daniel has already been Malta’s best 1st division player for the past three seasons, a feat never achieved before and after a number of years being monitored by Idraetshojskolen Aarhus, the parts involved think the time is right for this new step for our keeper. The Danish institution will find an elite club for Daniel to continue his improvement in the Scandinavian country. Daniel will not leave an indifferent void in the club but Daniel Gauci’s talents will surely help the men’s team continue on their improvement. The club would like to show all his appreciation and support towards Daniel Tanti and wishes him successful years in Denmark. Luxol Handball Club would like to thank Daniel Tanti for the honour and support he has brought to the club.