Luxol Handball Karaoke Winners

Luxol Handball Karaoke Night

An amazing night happened on the 12th of March. Luxol handball players left their mark at Victoria Pub, Bugibba singing all night long while socializing and competing at the same time.

The players were divided into 4 groups consisting of 4 persons.

Group one – named Harlem was made up by Luke Pellicano, Janice Pace, Shanice Cassar and Joseph Fenech.

Group two – named Ghamilli Sandwitch was made up by Daniel Tanti, Calos Alberto Yuste Izquierdo, Micheal Tanti and Daniel Cini.

Group 3 – named Girl Power made up by Dorianne Portelli, Miriam Tanti, Dorianne Lewis and Christine Grech.

Group 4 – named SpongeBob was made up by Maria Mifsud, Pierre Debatista, Daniela Cauchi and Ryan Sciortino.

Each group had to choose the theme song for the group competing against them. Then the other group had to choose a number from 1 to 20 that would identify the name of the song.

The Theme songs where 80’s songs, Love songs, Classic Songs and Party/Dance songs. For instance Harlem chooses to compete against Sponge Bob. The theme chosen by Harlem was party/ dance songs. Then Sponge Bob Team decided a number for instance 6 and they had to sing the song written on number 6.

Each group sang 3 songs + one bonus song. Besides singing the group had to do some entertainment which would give extra points. There was 1 chance for every group to change the number of a song. Only SpongeBob Team took this advantage. Eye of the Tiger, Tarzan Boy, Men I Feel Like a Women, Six Degrees of Separation and We Will Rock You where only few of the songs heard.

Every team was making an effort with dancing and trying to entertain to get the chance to increase the points. Points where given by the judge Daniela Cumbo. Almost at the end, the teams were very close with points and everything had to be decided with the Bonus Song.

Harlem sang Hallini, Ghamilli sandwitch did a wonderful job singing Sway with Carlos showing off his dancing moves, SpongeBob did an impressive performance singing Iris and Finally Girl Power sang an incredible song Xemx Wisq Sabiha that touched the heart of the judge which led them to the victory.

Trophies where given to them to honor their victory… Everyone had fun and was eager for the next one.