Luxol take an important win against La Salle.

Luxol’s first division men team managed an important win against reigning champions La Salle in the second round of the local handball league. The win came as a surprise to many in the local handball camp and considering the achievements La Salle have achieved in the past couple of years one might agree. More than the result per se, one might have noticed a clear change in Luxol’s believe and will to win the game. The game started in a balanced affair with one team scoring and the other replying immediately through fast counter attacks. It seemed that the game would transform in a balanced encounter but Luxol’s resilient approach was awarded as La Salle started having trouble to find the goal and Luxol managing to keep a constant percentage on the opposite side. The gap that resulted between the two teams at the end of the first half helped Luxol keep control in the second half while La Salle kept finding it difficult to find their usual flow and confidence. As the results in the MHA Cup showed this handball season will be a very interesting and balanced one and although Luxol’s win was important, it has to be followed by consistency and disciplined performances in order for the team to challenge for important positions in the table.


Last weekend also confirmed the good work that is being made in our youth sector with the boys U/17 loosing the game to La Salle 14-16 after a very intense game. Our boys were able to play a good tactical game enhanced by great individual technique. Albeit the loss coming in the last minute, our boys came out from the game on a high, realising that they are able to give a good account of themselves in the league.

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