Malta’s Handball Community Gearing up for New Season

Many seasons around Europe have started and our focus has recently been on the start of the EHF Champions league and the Super Cups from other European countries. With ten days for our own league to start we give a roundup of what we expect from the season 2013-2014.

Custom obliges that the season starts with the Super Cup finals. On 21st September Aloysians and La Salle will face each other in the Ladies final at University sports hall at 14:00 while our own boys will face La Salle at 16:00 in the Men final. This final will be a repeat of last season’s K.O final which La Salle won by two goals in the dying minutes of the game. Luxol will give their utmost to make good for the K.O final in the Super Cup and although they might start with a slight disadvantage, their hopes are high for a good result.

For the good of handball one augurs that the season would be a balanced affair like the previous one. La Salle have a balanced team with young talent coming up and experienced players who will help them make the transaction to the senior league easier. The foreigners in their fold will surely help their quest in keeping the title. Kavallieri would be the second strongest force in the league as their young players are learning fast and the foreigners they have in the team have helped the Maltese talent raise their level while they were able to solve problematic situations the team was facing. Aloysians are restructuring their team and the return of Philip Mifsud will surely help. They are focusing on their young players and they are a very disciplined team. The mentality of Phoenix’s Danish coach has been translated in speed and sheer power in their game and HMS will surely mirror their close ties with La Salle with the passing of local and foreign players, thus one expects a great fight in all games from them.

The ladies league will be closer this season. La Salle are surely the favourites for the major titles. They have strengthened their team with some new foreigners and the return of Steph Desjardins. Aloysians will not make the same mistakes like last year and will fight out hard to deny their arch rivals from winning the league. Phoenix will give more time to their talent and might be a surprise this season.


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Where does this leave our teams? Starting from the younger categories we have to continue in the formation of our young talent who do quite well in their category. The strong ties we have with the boys’ school in Mosta and the girls’ school in Santa Lucija will continue. Our young ones must be patient and keep working hard like they did in the past years and keep the results in perspective.  Luxol is still keeping the second division for developing their players and are not looking to win the second division league but like other years the club pretends the players give their utmost every game. The Men team will try to win the Super Cup. It is hard but a final is a one game that can go on both sides. The league is a bit of incognito but we vow to fight for every point. The ladies first division need to believe more in the individual strength each player in the team possess and unite these individual strengths to beat the opposition. With stronger believe our ladies will put the results to their good performances and improvement showed last season.

From these pages we would like to promote the great atmosphere each club has worked to create last season but we encourage supporters to show respect towards teams, officials and the opposing supporters