New Season Stronger Heart

After a long summer of apprehensions and preparations the season has finally started with the Super Cup and the MHA Cup. Our men team took the field against La Salle on 27th September. The match was a balanced affair more than expected with La Salle having two goals advantage by half time. Luxol suffered a setback after 7 minutes in the second half which saw them loose ground and La Salle ending worthy winners of the Super Cup.


In the first weekend of the MHA Cup our men faced another contender for the league and after starting undertone, Luxol gained ground but lost the game by 3 goals. The game was under Aloysians’ control all the time and Luxol must feel this game was like a lost occasion as the start was an awful one for Luxol full of turnovers. One must feel quite satisfied with the men team after these two performances, where the transition proved to be the team’s strongest asset. Better attention to basics and more accuracy in front of goal, together with stronger defence should be the focus on which to continue to strengthen the team.


The ladies faced Kavallieri in their first game. Our girls did well against a stronger side and more patience in attack together with more accuracy could have tilted the measure on our side. Kavallieri’s speed proved very important in the first part of the second half as our girls could not stop Kavallieri’s fast transition. Better feeling of the game will surely help our girls’ team to reach new heights.


One should be satisfied with our teams’ outings albeit there is room for improvement that would help us get more wins and maybe offer a stronger challenge for higher placing in the league.