Handball Festival at Luxol Grounds

Last 8th December was a special day for my kids as well as for other children aged between 6 years and 15 year old.

It was about 9am when we arrived at the Luxol Grounds St. Andrews. Coach Daniel Tanti was waiting for us by the gate.  After a couple of minutes the fun began.

First some warming up. Daniel asked the kids to do some ball games, dribbling and other fun games.

Then some team building games by passing ball to each other and racing games.  In the meantime my 1 year old tried to involve himself too and was playing with them too.

Finally the long awaited handball game began.  The children were divided in 2 groups and they were taught the basic handball Rules. They also did some shootings

I must say it really was a busy morning full of activities and fun, which I am sure the kids are looking forward to the next one. Thank You for organising these Open Days.

Sandra Bonello