Luxol bounce back with a win

Luxol Orthopaedic Centre Malta men’s senior team bounced back with a solid win and a great performance against La Salle in the Men’s MHA Cup. The boys in purple, who were still missing a number of players for various reasons, came together and put in a great team effort that ensured a solid win. After having lost 2 games by a single goal, the Viola made sure to control the match from start to end. The MHA Cup duties for our boys will soon come to an end with 3 games over the next 3 weekends in this run of Movember Month matches.

On another note, our U-21 boys gave all their best in another match from the U-21 league. The boys continued to improve on their performance and showed positive signs for the future. One must mention that this is the first year this team is playing together in this category while some time is still needed to adjust the mechanisms especially due to the fact that some of the players have just joined this team during the summer period.

Finally last week our U-15 youngsters in both the girls and boys section will have their debut. We look forward to seeing our future generation giving it all their best on the court.