Luxol Ortopaedic Centre Malta gain their 3rd win in the Men’s MHA Cup

The boys in purple picked up from where they left off last week. Although the performance was not as exciting, the viola managed to keep their cool even after they missed some clear opportunities. Luxol Orthopaedic Centre Malta managed to pull off a win of 29-20 over ETE Valletta. Our coach also had the opportunity to give more match time to our youngsters who played gallantly and gave in their contribution throughout the 60mins. This game also saw the return of Marko Pavlovic between the sticks together with the debut of newcomer Scheo Kaeslin. Different players managed to mark their name on the scoresheet but more than that, the players pulled each other to victory. For full match report, click here.

With only 2 games left for the end of the VIDEOSLOTS Men’s MHA Cup, the Viola will now look forward to next week-end’s game against our neighbours across the street Swieqi Phoenix. Luxol will finish their MHA Cup duties the weekend after against Kavallieri. We look forward to see you joining us from the stands and support our boys…

Forza Viola!! Forza Luxol!!