Luxol teams facing different challenges

While Luxol is celebrating its 7 competitive season and one can argue that in various aspects this can easily transform in the most successive season for Luxol, results from the court are a bit contradictory for our teams.

We celebrated the first victory for our U/15 girls who faced a strong La Sallian side and managed to win the game 3-2. The girls showed a great improvement from a couple of weeks before and this shows the will our girls have to improve and honour the clubs’ colours. The U/17 boys faced a great Kavallieri side and though they did their utmost our boys had no real reply to the stronger physique of the Kavallieri boys. Our young guns tried to play technically well but seemed frightened against their opposition and this made them do a lot of basic mistakes.

The first division girls had a tough game against La Salle who had an easy win against our ladies. Though the game ended with a big difference for our opponents not everything was disappointing. One might criticise the way we approached the game which on court resulted in attacking mistakes that hindered our flow but given that, when our girls managed to play set defence, we were managing to stop our opponents. This was an atypical game for our girls who this year are enjoying the game and playing as a team.

The 2nd division men lost a game against Aloysians. The team suffered the unusual time we played but this is not a reason for the performance that was put, which is a pity seeing that we started the game with a run of 8-1 in our favour. I am sure the boys will manage to fight more in the upcoming games and a better tactical discipline will help them bring the result in our favour.