A Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year to All

This Christmas might be a different and the past year might have been a challenging one. In 2020 our playing season was cut short nevertheless, we saw the opportunities that this year gave us and sought at different project possibilities. After giving a new image to our club, we are now also working on the very young ones to re-build our teams from their foundations.

We would like to urge everyone to follow the directions of the health authorities for a safe celebration in this festive period. We as sports people acknowledge that the little sacrifices done today will be the successes of the future. We hope that 2021 will bring new and exciting opportunities for all.

So we would like to wish all the Luxol Handball Club family, members, followers, the Maltese Handball Community and everyone all the best wishes for this Christmas and especially a merry 2021.



Start practicing handball in the ‘new normal’

As IOC President Thomas Bach stated, “Sport has a great social significance by being the glue which bonds communities together”

We believe that it is essential, more than ever, that young children participate in physical activity in sport in order to achieve the essential outcomes of socialising with others (in a safe way) and do the daily recommended time of physical activity as determined by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Luxol Handball Club is opening back its doors for its nursery players and we are looking for the New Purple Generation of youth players. Several arrangements and partnerships have been secured in order to make sure that children will be practicing in the safest of ambience. Hence, we look forward for you to reach us on our different social media or by sending us an email on info@luxolhandball.org for further information.

Luxol Handball teams up with CREATIVEBOA for its rebranding

Luxol Handball Club are using these unprecedented times in order to rebrand themselves. As a matter of fact, we have teamed up with local creative designer Creativeboa in order to help us with the modernisation of the club’s image.

This partnership was struck as a mutual appreciation between both brands. The Luxol brand is renowned all over Malta and many aspire to be affiliated with it. On the other hand Creativeboa is a young and upcoming creative design agency with an eye at making designs look modern and outstanding.

The rebranding of Luxol Handball Club will be launched on Friday, 30th October 2020.

While we ask you to keep following us for the latest updates on our rebranding, we invite you to follow and like Creativeboa‘s Facebook and Instagram pages in order to follow some of his past project while you can try and guess how our new logo will look like.

Facebook – Creativeboa
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/creativeboa/
Website – https://creativeboa.com/