Luxol bounce back with a win

Luxol Orthopaedic Centre Malta men’s senior team bounced back with a solid win and a great performance against La Salle in the Men’s MHA Cup. The boys in purple, who were still missing a number of players for various reasons, came together and put in a great team effort that ensured a solid win. After having lost 2 games by a single goal, the Viola made sure to control the match from start to end. The MHA Cup duties for our boys will soon come to an end with 3 games over the next 3 weekends in this run of Movember Month matches.

On another note, our U-21 boys gave all their best in another match from the U-21 league. The boys continued to improve on their performance and showed positive signs for the future. One must mention that this is the first year this team is playing together in this category while some time is still needed to adjust the mechanisms especially due to the fact that some of the players have just joined this team during the summer period.

Finally last week our U-15 youngsters in both the girls and boys section will have their debut. We look forward to seeing our future generation giving it all their best on the court.


Luxol fall short to HMS

Luxol Orthopaedic Centre Malta this weekend fell short to HMS in a game from the VIDEOSLOTS Men’s MHA Cup. The Viola started off to a 3-goal deficit and although they had managed to tie the game throughout the first half, HMS still managed to open the 3-goal gap by half time for a score of 14-11. Luxol opened better in the 2nd half with a 4-0 run to tie the game. However, our opponents fought back with a 5-0 run to which our boys in purple replied yet a gain with a run of 5 goals. As the game reached its dying minutes, Luxol conceded a goal and couldn’t score the final shot of the match to lose the game narrowly with a final result of 24-23. The boys look forward to analyse the game and learn from their mistakes. For Full Game Report click here.

The Viola will be back in action on Sunday with another match from the VIDEOSLOTS Men’s MHA Cup against La Salle.
Next weekend our younger talent will also be in action with a match from the VIDEOSLOTS Boys U-21 League.

Forza Luxol!!

Sunday Lunch Time Game


Luxol Orthopaedic Centre Malta look to continue on their development as they seek for another positive performance. We look forward to see many of you present at this Sunday lunch time match… This will be the last match during Pink October Awareness Month and hence we urge you to continue and raise awareness by sharing this message and help in any way possible.

Forza Viola!

Luxol HC get the performance they were looking for but not the result…

The Viola continued on their MHA Cup path with a match against Aloysians. The game started off as a balanced affair with both teams exchanging goals and saves in the first 5 minutes. On the 5th minute Aloysians made their first break. The team from Birkirkara managed to make a 5-0 run to open a 4 goal gap. However, this did not endure much as our boys in purple fought back with a 6-0 run to open a 3 goal gap in their favour. Both teams continued to exchange blows with neither of the teams managing to build a gap of more than 3 goals throughout the match. Luxol Orthopaedic Centre Malta fielded a number of youngsters who performed well to make up for the absence of more established players in the team.

With the score tied at 29-29, our goalkeeper managed to steal a counter attack pass in the last 45 seconds. Following the team’s last time-out, our boys were denied two times and the opponent’s goalkeeper solved the game for the opponents with a dramatic late winner in the final seconds of the game from his own area.

Luxol’s talisman Joseph Tanti was the games top scorer with 10 goals while Lamine Abbad came in close with 9 goals to his tally.
Stephan Vancell also made his return for Luxol as he will be helping from the sidelines as a Team Official.

Even though the 3 points have not come, the boys have made another step in the right way in terms of performance. The Viola shall look at the glass half full and reap out all the positives from the game with heads held high. Our senior team will be playing again this Sunday against HMS at 1300hrs to continue on their path for the seasons’ objectives. We hope to see more of you supporting and cheering our team for this Sunday’s lunch time game.

Forza Luxol!