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Luxol Handball teams up with CREATIVEBOA for its rebranding

Luxol Handball Club are using these unprecedented times in order to rebrand themselves. As a matter of fact, we have teamed up with local creative designer Creativeboa in order to help us with the modernisation of the club’s image.

This partnership was struck as a mutual appreciation between both brands. The Luxol brand is renowned all over Malta and many aspire to be affiliated with it. On the other hand Creativeboa is a young and upcoming creative design agency with an eye at making designs look modern and outstanding.

The rebranding of Luxol Handball Club will be launched on Friday, 30th October 2020.

While we ask you to keep following us for the latest updates on our rebranding, we invite you to follow and like Creativeboa‘s Facebook and Instagram pages in order to follow some of his past project while you can try and guess how our new logo will look like.

Facebook – Creativeboa
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/creativeboa/
Website – https://creativeboa.com/