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Luxol Handball Club looks forward to a bright future for handball in Malta

A challenging year

After a rollercoaster year and almost a year since the last played match, Maltese Handball is soon going to restart. Last year, Luxol Handball men’s senior team, managed to win the decisive matches to clinch a play-off place which was the main objective of the club. However, the unforeseen circumstances of Covid-19 brought the league to an abrupt end and the challenge couldn’t be set on court anymore. The 25 year anniversary of Maltese Handball had to be celebrated limitedly with most of our prominent club members receiving individual awards for their contribution towards Maltese Handball.

The effect of Covid-19 and several requests for our players, depleted our senior men’s team forces and we had to take multiple, difficult but thoughtful decisions.

Luxol Men’s Senior Team 2019/20. Credits: www.viewresults.com.mt

A new approach

Fast forward to February 2021, after a rebranding and brainstorming exercise – Luxol Handball decided to continue and follow its mission with a more modern approach.

With pride, power, devotion and ambition, Luxol is happy to see 2 of its most prominent members – Joseph Tanti and Daniel Tanti Farrugia – playing their traits with ASD Handball Messina in the Italian Serie A2. Apart from that the club has renewed its disposotion to help the new administration of the Malta Handball Association. Several members, amongst who Stephen Cilia, Michael Tanti and the Aquilina Family have offered their services to continue and support the handball movement.

The New Generation

However, our biggest pleasure is that of continuing to develop the game within the younger generation. With the continuous work of our talented coaches – most of whom have the highest coaching certificate level in Malta and beyond together with a bag full of experience -children in schools can continue to practice the game we love and aspire to be the champions of the future. It gives the current Luxol Handball administration great satisfaction to see young players that we developed moving up the ranks. Handball is our medium to give back to the community and where we try to develop athletes both in the game and in character.

Hence, even though our teams will not be participating in this season’s senior competitions, we augur all the best to the Malta Handball Association for the safe and successful running of the season. In the meantime, we will continue to develop young players in the handball sphere. The future looks bright and we are determined more than ever to cultivate the next generation.

If you or your child are interested to discover, play or volunteer in handball please do contact us on info@luxolhandball.org

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Start practicing handball in the ‘new normal’

As IOC President Thomas Bach stated, “Sport has a great social significance by being the glue which bonds communities together”

We believe that it is essential, more than ever, that young children participate in physical activity in sport in order to achieve the essential outcomes of socialising with others (in a safe way) and do the daily recommended time of physical activity as determined by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Luxol Handball Club is opening back its doors for its nursery players and we are looking for the New Purple Generation of youth players. Several arrangements and partnerships have been secured in order to make sure that children will be practicing in the safest of ambience. Hence, we look forward for you to reach us on our different social media or by sending us an email on info@luxolhandball.org for further information.